Lotito Foods: Innovative solutions for all your needs


Lotito Foods is the leading expert in solutions for all your restaurant, food service or private label needs. Our team has designed numerous innovations to solve challenging problems for major restaurant chains across the nation.

Our motto is "Have it YOUR Way", and innovation is at the inception of every cheese in the Lotito Foods family. Lotito Foods customizes cheese in every way imaginable, and cheese can be shredded, grated, cubed, shaved, wedged, sliced or blended.

We package cheese in sizes of all kinds, including retail sizes for stores and supermarkets, institutional sizes for restaurant distributors and bulk sizes for manufacturers.

Lotito Foods is proud to be a leading innovator for food solutions. Some of our recent creative solutions to customer's challenges include:

One restaurant was seeing a waste of cheese, when their staff hand grated cheese table side. To solve the problem, Lotito Foods designed 2 ounce cubes of cheese that fit exactly into each cheese grater. The result? There is zero waste, and more profits, since 100% of the cheese used for grating is used in the restaurant's graters.

Another solution Lotito Foods created was to solve the problem for restaurants looking to offer their customers a consistently fresh and delicious lasagna filling, no matter where they dine. Lotito Foods created a convenient ready to use cheese blend, shipped fresh to every location.

Whatever your challenges, the four generations of Lotito Foods have the wisdom and experience to create the perfect solution for your needs!