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As Seen in THE NIBBLE: TOP PICK OF THE WEEK: Cheese Folios, Wraps Made From Cheese & Lactose Free!


As Seen in THE NIBBLE: TOP PICK OF THE WEEK: Cheese Folios, Wraps Made From Cheese & Lactose Free!

Once every five or ten years we see a product innovation that we would be delighted to consume regularly. Some never make it commercially. We still lament the pizza cone, made from pizza crust shaped like an ice cream cone. You could stuff with your favorite pizza ingredients—mozzarella, pepperoni, sauce, etc.—and eat your cone on the go. The latest innovation that we hope will be a big success: Folios Cheese Wraps. The Gourmet Retailer awarded them the 2017 Editor’s Pick for Best New Products.

You can take the 100% cheese wraps and use them to wrap, roll, melt, crisp, or crisp and shape. See their versatility in the photos.


Folios Cheese Wraps (photo #7) are all natural, 100% cheese circles/slices. They are used instead of bread, flour-based wraps or corn-based tortillas; and can be shaped into bowls, pockets and taco shells. They have no fillers or additives and are rBST free and gluten free (all cheese is gluten-free; gluten only occurs in certain cereal grains). And, they are also lactose free. That takes an extra step in production, for which lactose-sensitive cheese lovers will be grateful. The wraps are 7 inches in diameter, but are not simply sliced from a block of cheese. Rather, a lot of research and development went into a process involving baking the slices (that’s the only secret divulged), to end up with a slice a cheese that looks like…a slice of cheese. They are made in three varieties: Cheddar, Jarlsberg and Parmesan. Each slice has 13g of protein, plus just 1g of carbs and 150 calories per slice.


Use them instead of bread, wraps, tortillas and other carb-laden bread substitutes. You can: Make wrap sandwiches (photo #1), filling the cheese wrap with whatever you like. You can also heat it a bit to make a melt. Cut the wraps into pinwheels (photo #5). Make salad wraps. Bake them into salad bowls (photo #2), or a cheese bowl for vegetables, risotto, bean dishes, etc. Bake them into taco shells (photo #3). Have them as a snack wrapped around a mix of crudités or much larger vegetables: whole or halved carrots, celery stalks, steamed broccoli/broccolini spears, pickle spears, etc. Melt them over bowls of soup. Serve them as a fruit-and-cheese course. You can shape, bake, microwave or enjoy them in their natural state.

Some ideas: For The Cheddar Wraps In addition to the uses above, substitute in Tex-Mex dishes: Fajitas Nachos (cut into triangle “tortilla chips”) Taco shells You can get even more creative by, for example, pressing jalapeño slices into the Folios (photo #6). For The Jarlsberg Wraps Wrap it around a hot dog instead of a conventional roll. It makes a better cheese dog, unless you prefer Velveeta processed cheese. Use one or two slices with a burger patty (instant cheeseburger!). Fold up into pockets, like a square tart or galette (photo #4), sweet or savory. Make a dessert with a slightly warmed slice spread with preserves and topped with fresh fruits.

For The Parmesan Wraps Make antipasto rolls, filling them salami, pepperoni and arugula. Use as a base for cheese-on-cheese “pizza”: Warm a slice and top with sauce and mozzarella. Roll and stuff as “cannelloni.”

A natural pairing is with foods that typically contain Parmesan cheese. Caesar salad. Pasta. Risotto. Experiment to your heart’s desire. For recipes and videos, head to

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