Have it your way - with Folios!


Are you ready for a revolutionary food - all natural, 100% Cheese, and ready to be enjoyed in any way you can imagine?

Meet Folios™ - the brand new carb and gluten free delight that will rock your world.

You can form these par-baked discs over a bowl - or a glass - and create bowls or mini-cups for any filling you can dream up.

You can melt them, shred them, crisp them, or use as incredible wraps.

Design your very own signature wrap, by filling each round Folios™ with any of your favorite sandwich foods, such as grilled chicken or beef or veggies.

From breakfast to snacks to dinners, Folios™ is a game changer.

So start imagining how to create your Folios™ dishes, and enjoy!

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