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Fine Importers of Italian and European Cheese, Domestic Italian Cheese and Specialty Foods
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Our brands

Lotito Foods has established and registered the Gabriella® of Italy brand to ensure that you are getting the finest aged imported artisan cheese from Italy.

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The Suprema® brand of aged imported cheeses from Lotito Foods features two of America’s classic Italian cheese favorites: Romano and Parmesan.

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Introducing Folios Cheese Wraps, made from all natural cheese. A deliciously creative and convenient way to enjoy artisan cheese your way, everyday! Folios™ are par-baked sheets of delicious all natural artisan cheese that are made from Parmesan, Cheddar or Jarlsberg that impart an authentic Italian flavor.

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Have it your way with Folios Cheese Wraps™

Are you ready for a revolutionary food - all natural, 100% Cheese, and ready to be enjoyed in any way you can imagine?

Meet Folios Cheese Wraps™ – the cheese wraps that are lactose and gluten free, low-carb delight that will rock your world.

Design your very own signature wrap, by filling each round CheeseFolios™ with any of your favorite sandwich foods, such as grilled chicken or beef or veggies. You can form these par-baked discs over a bowl - or a glass - and create bowls or mini-cups for any filling you can dream up.

From breakfast to snacks to dinners, Folios Cheese Wraps™ is a game changer.

So start imagining how to create your Folios Cheese Wraps™ dishes, and enjoy!

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Fine importers of Italian & European cheese, domestic Italian cheese & specialty foods

Our legacy

Four generations of cheese experts

For over 100 years and four generations the Lotito Foods group of companies has continually grown and developed into an Industry leader. Expanding from our humble beginnings as artisan Italian cheesemakers in a small creamery in Corato, Italy to today’s family of companies under Lotito Foods leadership.

In the 1980s Lotito Foods (then Lotito Dairy) operated in a 1,500 sq. ft. facility. Today, Lotito Foods and companies occupy over 180,000 sq. ft. with sales in excess of $150 million. Our companies produce over 2,000 items from Italian cheese in wheels, wedges, grated, shredded, shaved, cubed and sliced; specialty foods Imported from Italy; dairy blends with cream cheese, ricotta or butter bases in sweet or savory flavors and jarred vegetable spreads like bruschetta (tomato herb, artichoke, olive, etc.) to pestos and sauces.

Our innovation and passion are the driving force behind our continued growth. Lotito Foods is an SQF certified facility to insure the highest quality standards are always met.

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