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Creativity Awaits - As Seen In Deli Market News

In line with key industry and consumer trends, see our thoughts on this versatile new product


Lotito Foods has launched an innovative new line of products. The company promises their new Folios are "a deliciously creative and convenient way to enjoy artisan cheeses."

"What will you create?" the product's attractive packaging wonders. The lightly baked sheets of cheese offer a number of creative culinary possibilities sure to appeal to millennial consumers like myself.

They are a great low-carb wrap replacement, and can be baked, melted on or into your favorite dish, heated in the microwave to form cheese crisps, shedded, or formed into bowls to hold pasta, salads—whatever might pair well with cheese.

Made with 100% all natural cheeses, Folios are gluten-free and an excellent source of protein, with 12g per serving.

The sheets come in three different flavors sure to compliment a number of different foods: rich and buttery Cheddar, nutty and fruity Parmesan, and mild and sweet Jarlsberg.

Appropriate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, a quick snack or an entrée. Recipes are available on the company's website and range from the simple to the gourmet. I can't wait to try the chocolate-dusted Parmesan Folios cup filled with tiramisu.

Folios come in six ounce packages of four sheets at a suggested retail of $6.99. Ten-packs for club stores and wholesalers are expected to follow. Folios are now available from retailers nationwide.

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