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Sometimes there just isn’t enough cheese! From Gluten Free at the Jersey Shore


Do you ever wish you could skip the plate and eat cheese out of a bowl made of cheese?

No? That’s just me.

“Parmesan Folios™ are lightly baked sheets of cheese. Recipe ready to crisp, wrap, roll or melt. A deliciously creative and convenient way to enjoy cheese your way every day! Crisp it in the microwave and form bowls, chips or crumble over soups and salads. make a carb-free, high protein wrap or roll. Made from part-skim all natural cheese.”

I saw Folios™ being sampled at Shoprite and I was intrigued. I will try the cheddar at a later date but I couldn’t come up with a filling idea so I got the parmesan and copied the idea on the package and made Gluten Free Spaghetti and meat sauce.

It was so easy and made a weeknight meal look like it took a lot of effort.

Six minutes in the oven and then molded over a bowl to cool

I think I’ll try caesar salad in it next time.